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Are you tired of checking your "My eBay" account for soon ending auctions or getting unreliable reminder mails? Take a closer look at Baywatch.

Baywatch catches the auction that is currently opened in your frontmost browser window and sticks it right into iCal. You can specify the reminder alarm in the preferences and if you wish to add another auction the Refresh button is your friend.
Adding an auction to iCal is as simple as reopening the auction by clicking the URL in the event information. So you can easily organize your eBay auctions and never bother about any missed opportunities.

Download Baywatch 1.5 (1MB)

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How it works:
Open an ebay auction in your preferred browser and start Baywatch. The auction name is displayed in the main window. Click on "Yes" and all necessary info is placed into iCal. A new calendar named "Baywatch" will be created and the auction (as well as all future auctions) will be entered as a new event with a reminder alarm. You can display the eBay auction in your browser by clicking the URL in the event information.
To add another auction, click on the Refresh button (Command+R) and the Baywatch window gets updated (the auction must always be in the frontmost browser window). Preferences like the alarm settings can be accessed by clicking the small black triangle (alternatively you can find it in the menu or use command+,).

Difference to ebay time: Specify the difference between your local time and the eBay time in your country. (Example: When you live in New York you must enter 3.)
Minutes before: Set the reminder before the auction ends.
Alarm type: Choose between sound alarm, display alarm and mail alarm.
Delete all your Baywatch events: All events in the Baywatch calendar will be deleted.
Browser: Choose your default browser.

Supported Browsers:
Safari, Firefox, Opera, OmniWeb, Camino, Flock
Supported Countries:
USA, Canada, England, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, Netherlands, Singapur

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