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Kevin Meaney

Great to see a fantastically practical use being made of iMagine Photo. If you have any other ideas that you think can take advantage of the features of iMagine Photo, let me know if I can help.



It might be worth noting that I had to convert my image to jpg before I could use SplittingImage successfully. Perhaps format conversion could be built in? I don't know how easy or hard that would be, but it would be so nice.


Sorry to leave so many comments, but another routine to include in the script is to set the Sort by... to Manual. My default is by date, so when I ran SplittingImage on a map of the Chicago train system, the map was jumbled until I set the sort option on that album to manual. These things don't really pose much of a problem for me because I'm an advanced user, but for others, they might not be able to diagnose the problems I have indicated here.


Sorry everyone for the late response!

@Kevin: Thanks for your posting and even more for your great iMagine Photo. It´s such an amazing and useful tool!

@Berko: You´re right. The only official supported format is jpg so far. Though I have tested some other formats succesfully (including some PDFs). What format did you used?
I don´t get the idea about your second posting. My default is by date too and everytime I use Splitting Image the files are sorted correctly in iPhoto. In fact it makes much more sense for me, because the image files are produced in chronological order too...


I'm not sure what might have happened differently between my experience and yours, but when I viewed the newly created album, the images were jumbled such that it didn't look like a coherent map. When I set the "Sort by..." to Manual, it displayed them in the order they were added to the album. I'm not sure what else to add about that. Or maybe just explicitly setting the "Sort by..." to "Date added." I was mostly pointing to the fact that some less savvy users might blame the script for incorrect displaying.


Oh, and I was using GIF format that I downloaded from the CTA site.


Whenever I try to split an image, Finder throws an error -48 (something like the file already exists or is duplicate).

I've got an Intel Mac running Mac OS X 10.4.8, and I've tried with different image formats but no luck!

Any suggestions?


How do u use it when you have windows?


I just found this wonderful script, but am also having problems with it. When converting, only the first of the grid will convert right; the other pieces are corrupted jpg files. And none will import to iphoto.




Hey... I can't download it... I get a 403 Forbidden Access page...

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