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Hooray indeed!


It works great, and I use it on a regular basis.

I got one request, though. Could you add Camino support? I started to favor it for ebay browsing because of strange problems Safari has with ebay.de and ebay.at cookies.


Seems to work fine with OS10.4.2 and Safari for me. And yes indeed, I too was getting tired of missing ending auctions, so a quick google pointed out this most excellent solution. Any possibility netscape702 support could be implemented? Thank you immensely for providing this really useful app.


Yeah. Camino support would be cool.


great little app, thanks!
but why does it quit every time after I add one auction to the ical, it is so inconvinient when I have a lots of auctions to add at the same time. Could you maybe change that?


@yue: There should be a check box "Quit Baywatch after adding" in the Preferences drawer. (If it´s not open, you must click on the little arrow in the lower right corner)
this should solve your problem....



I just wish it's coming as an universal binary... It takes really long to open on Intel machines. And it's oh so useful app !!!


@Fluor: I will definitely release an universal binary update for Baywatch. I think anytime between now and summer. Sorry for not beeing more specific... :-)

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